Start a business. In just 30 days I helped one client legally and permanently boost her score by 40 points. . . that put her in the FICO "sweet spot" and got her the SBA loan she needed to start her now thriving business.

  • Drop your credit card interest rates to the floor. Sick of paying 15, 16 or even 20 percent on your cards? I know you are. With a better FICO score, your credit card interest rates will drop to the floor. Don't be surprised if you're suddenly paying less than 10% and saving thousands in interest charges on your credit cards alone.
  • Get approved for that slick new car you've been lusting after. . . and without having to pay out the nose. Don't want to have to shop at "The Last Chance Used Car Lot?" Me neither. With a higher credit score, you'll be able to get a loan for the ride of your choice.
  • Get back the pride and self respect you deserve. There's nothing worse than being turned down for a loan or being forced to pay abusive interest rates because you aren't "Good enough." When I'm done with you, you'll be rubbing elbows with the "FICO elite™". . . living the good life, getting the good rates and living a better lifestyle than most Americans can even dream of.

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