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Ever Wondered....."How Do I Improve My Credit Ratings?"

David Murphy's "If I Can't Help You, Not Only Will I Give You Your Money Back, But I'll Actually Pay You For Your Time" Guarantee


Here's How it Works:

Sign up as a member of my Credit Insider Club™.

I'll get right to work annihilating negative and derogatory items from your credit report.

If you're anything like my hundreds of other clients, you'll be absolutely thrilled with the service my team and I provide and with the results we get.

But If after 90 days of my service I haven't gotten results for you (results that will only get bigger and better over your two year membership) I'll refund you're membership fee in full and will actually pay you $10 bucks for your time.

No hemming or hawing. No arguing. No explanations necessary.

If I'm not getting you the results I've promised—the results I've gotten again and again in my 21 years in business—then we shouldn't be working together.

I'll refund your money, shred your file, write you a check for $10 out of my own pocket and we'll part as friends.


Why am I willing to make such an admittedly outlandish guarantee?

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Easy. Because since I started working in this business every single client I've had has been absolutely thrilled with the service I gave them and the results I got. Every. Single. One.

So I'm pretty damned confident you will be too.

Think about it: Sitting there in the beautiful new house you worked for, a wide smile crawling across your face, looking out the window at your happy family and knowing that you're a member of the FICO elite™ able to get the absolute best rates in today's tough financial world.

That would be something, wouldn't it?